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Dale and Dwayne are supporting a beginner Robot base at Musecon. We are not selling this on the web (at this time). This product is a location for us to documents online for the Musecon participants.
Parts in Kit
  • UNO R3 MEGA328P
  • DC Motor Drivers Shield L293D
  • 2WD Motor Robot Car Chassis
  • Bluetooth serial module HC-05
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 2 resistors for (5/3 voltage divider)
  • long pins
  • Some “dupont” terminated wires.
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Current 0.7 version
  • Some Youtube obsctacle Videos
  • A DIY obstacle avoiding robot
  • How To Build An Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • How To Build An Obstacle Avoiding Robot : Arduino
  • How to make a arduino obstacle avoiding robot
  • Arduino Obstacle Avoidance Car
  • How To Make a Smart Robot Car (Obstacle-avoiding)
  • How to Make a Smart Robot (Awesome)
  • How to make Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • Beginner Arduino Project Tutorial - Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  • how to make an obstacle avoiding robot using arduino
  • Some Youtube Line Follow Videos
  • Arduino Five Sensor PID Line Following Robot
  • Line Follower Robot with Arduino
  • Other items of interest
  • Android App
    Joystick Bluetooth Commander
    v5.2 by kas_dev
  • Source Code
  • Instructions for changing BT baud Rate
  • Arduino IDE
  • AFMotor Library
  • Recommended Musecon class
    Intro to Arduino
  • Source code to go here.

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